Sensors & systems for:

  • material flow measurement
  • blockage detection
  • speed measurement

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Development and manufacturing of sensors and systems for material flow measurement, blockage detection and speed measurement.

MSO Radar for Rauch Axmat

Material flow measurement

Axmat is a closed-loop control system optimising the lateral distribution of rotating disc spreaders. The innovative MSO Radar sensor system is the core component of the Rauch Axmat system.
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The SeeDector sensor deploys a novel Radar based technique for measuring the amount and speed of particulate or liquid material conveyed in pipes.

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SeeDector sensor

Blockage detection

The SeedMon system integrates SeeDector Sensors for flow - monitoring of e.g. seeds, fertilizer and liquids (e.g. slurry) independent on forward speed. SeedMon alarms if the amount of flowing material drops below an adjustable percentage threshold.

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MSO AccoSat speed sensor

Speed measurement

AccoSat measures the true ground speed by means of a sensor fusion of DGPS and 3D Accelerometer.
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Speed Wedge is a Doppler Radar Sensor measuring the speed of Off-Highway vehicles independent on wheel slip.
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