Speed Wedge Radar sensor

Product Overview

Speed measurement for off-highway vehicles

Speed Wedge is a speed sensor for vehicles, based on Radar Doppler technology. Speed Wedge deploys two planar Radar Frontends pointing backwards and forwards (Janus - Configuration). The forward speed is measured contactless thus unsusceptible to wheel slip, effective tyre circumference and sinking in of the tyre. For the demanding off-highway applications it is sealed and potted in a robust encasing.

Speed Wedge is solely available for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) modified and manufactured on demand.



  • Measurement of speed and distance travelled independent on wheel slip
  • High dynamics and signal update rate
  • Easy installation central underneath a vehicle
  • Unsusceptible against pitch, yaw and roll of the vehicle
  • Unsusceptible against varying properties of the ground surface
  • Output according to DIN 9684 / ISO 11786
  • Basis for precise output application

Technical Data

Power supply +9 VDC to +16 VDC
Current consumption 200 mA
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Frequency and EIRP 24.125 GHz at max. +20 dBm
Output signal 130 Pulses / m (36,1 Hz km-1 h-1) acc. DIN 9684 / ISO 11786
Option: serial RS232
Output signal update rate 5 Hz
Speed range Standard up to 100 km/h
Sensor Configuration Two Radar Frontends pointing back- and forwards
System Accuracy 1 % F.R.
Dimensions - less cable, with flaps 65 mm wide, 75 mm long, 44 mm heigh
Connector free cable leads
Vehicle Installation level underneath the vehicle
between the wheels close to centre of gravity
unobstructed view to the ground