Distance Measurement RaDist

Product Overview

RaDist Sensor

MSO RaDist is a new distance sensor based on FMCW- (frequency modulated continous wave) Radar. The Radar is focussed by means of a dielectric lens.

A unique feature of RaDist is its multi-target capability enabling the detection and distance measurement towards several targets within the beam at the same time pervading material dependent on its dielectrical properties. An example is the simultaneous detection of distance to plant canopy and soil surface for height control of cutter bars, pick-ups, attachments and booms.

RaDist is available in different variants with set-ups for single or multi-target applications, with analogue (4 - 20 mA) or serial (RS232) and update rates. The sensor is fully encapsulated in a plastic casing with DIN M12 connector.

Application Area

RaDist multi-target => multitude of applications

  • Distance measurement on the soil surface through plant canopy
  • Distance measurement on the soil surface and plant canopy at the same time
  • Detection of voids in orchards
  • Industrial liquid level measurement in containers with foam formation
  • Industrial bulk material level measurement in containers with dust formation


Benefits and Advantages

  • Distance measurement with millimeter accuracy
  • Update rate 20 Hz at single-target measurement
  • Update rate 5 Hz at multi-target measurement
  • 60 GHz (V-band) FMCW distance radar with low output power (EIRP 10 dBm)
  • Beam focus with 8° aperture (3 dB) by means of dielectric PTFE ("Teflon") lens
  • Plastic casing with 59 x 59 x 65 mm (mounting plate in top 100 mm x 59 mm)
  • Distance measurement from 10 cm up to 400 cm with heighest accuracy, up to 3000 cm with decreased accuracy
  • Different application - specific product variants (output, configuration) available
  • Multi-target delivers a list of targets with their properties assigned via high speed e.g. top of plant canopy and soil surface
  • Single-target distance measurement onto the strongest reflector, e.g. onto soil surface through plants or a swath, onto a liquid level through foam
  • Robust function under adverse conditions e.g. dirt, dust, fog
  • Unsusceptible against varying lighting, machine noise, wind, temperature
  • Environmental protection IP69K (with connector tightened)
  • Wide range power supply

Technical Data

Technical Data

Radar Frontend V-band 57 to 64 GHz, FMCW
Casing fully encapsulated
Power supply 9 to 36 V DC
Temperature range -20 °C to +70 °C
Single-target output signal 4-20 mA, proportional to distance
Multi-target output signal serial RS-232