SeeDector material flow measurement

Product Overview

SeeDector - material flow sensor

Measurement of the amount and speed of a material flow in pipes or tubes

SeeDector deploys a novel technique for measure­ment of amount and speed of a flow of particulate material (e.g. seeds, mineral fertilizer, granules) or liquids moving in pipes. For many applications - e.g. seed drills, fertilizer applicators, slurry injectors - the amount and speed of a material flow becomes measurable first time, real-time in the process. SeeDector is the seed blockage sensor in the SeedMon system.

SeeDector is a material flow sensor based on high-frequency electromagnetic waves (Microwaves, Doppler Radar). SeeDector is directly clamped onto a tube or pipe without alterations. Measure­ment data are transferred via CAN-Bus.

The SeeDector technique has been applied for German and European patent. USA Patent (US 8,915,144 B2) has been granted.

At the Agritechnica 2011 fair SeeDector has been awarded with a silver medal from the DLG novelties commission.

SeeDector Data sheet

SeeDector Data sheet here and further details on request.


MSO SeeDector Sensors on distribution heads
  • Throughput measure­ment of a free falling or peumatically conveyed flow of particulate material or liquid
  • Covers the range from smallest (e.g. oilseed rape, gras) to the biggest kernels (e.g. Beans, Peas)
  • Enabling and optimising monitoring, control and closed-loop control
  • Easy and simple installation, clamped with a sheet steel bracket on a plastic pipe (possibly with metal spiral inlay) or placed in a cut-out window of a metal pipe
  • No cutting or alteration of a plastic pipe
  • Nothing built into the pipe constricting the material flow
  • No alteration of the machine´s design
  • By virtue of the functional principle (Doppler Radar) unsusceptible against dirt, dust or incrustation inside of the pipe - contrary to all other functional principles of the competition
  • Smart Sensor with integrated processing and communication (Mikro­controller)
  • CAN Interface for output of amount and speed of the material flow
  • Enabling blockage monitoring systems detecting partial blockage with decreased throughput
  • Enabling monitoring and detection of flow switching on and off when tramlining
  • For installation on pipes or tubes with different diameters a wide range of sheet steel brackets with according dimensions is available

Technical Data

Sensor components: planar microwave frontend, filter amplifier, mikro­controller, CAN transceiver
Power supply: 5 V DC / 70 mA max
Temperature range: -20°C to +70°C operation
Output signal: CAN 2.0 B
Update rate: 2 Hz
Dimensions of the sensor: 90 mm x 47 mm x 40 (72)mm (LxWxH), less cable, less bracket
Installation: clamped on with steel sheet bracket
Warranty: 2 years